Adam Reid is a cinematographer and director best known for his strong cinematic style and creative storytelling. He has directed promotional films and documentaries for brands such as Cask 88,
D-Robe, Ports 1961, Linton Tweed and many more.

Adam previously worked in a video agency in Liverpool, filming and editing for brands such as Nike, Vertu Motors, Betfred, Castore and Liverpool Football Club. Adam has experience in directing, filming and editing and with a BA (Hons) Graphic Design degree; has a strong eye for detail and creative composition.  

Adam believes visual storytelling is one of the most important aspects in filmmaking. Adam stands out from the competition with his ability to pull the viewer into the story, create emotion and through the use of unique lighting, composition, colour, negative space and minimalism; leaves an impact on the viewer. Adam believes anybody can film but it's HOW you tell the STORY that really makes a brand stand out.

Filming with industry standard cinema cameras, studio lighting and professional sound, Adam takes pride in using high-end equipment to produce quality, long-lasting content. Sound design is another key element in Adam's videos, using atmospheric sounds and custom Foley, adding to the immersive experience.

Adam edits everything in the industry leading editing software, DaVinci Resolve Studio and footage is professionally colour corrected/graded for that filmic look. Adam believes colour grading is an integral part of the post-production process and aims to achieve an aesthetically pleasing and beautiful film grade for his clients. Using platforms such as FrameSet to get inspiration from other films/commercials that are currently trending and working to a grade/visual style that suits the brand.